Having a strong relationship with a good CPA should be a big part of your overall plan to get ahead in life.

Sure, CPA’s know how to do taxes. I’ve had clients in all walks of life: Commercial real estate brokers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, executives, you name it. Employees, self-employed people, rental property owners, Airbnb owners, stock traders, Uber drivers, expats, partners in prestigious firms and people who are just barely getting by.

And it is true that when you hire a CPA to do your taxes, you get the following assurances:

  • Your taxes will be done right.
  • Your CPA will spot ways to save you money that you might miss.
  • Your CPA will take the stress out of taxes. Everything will be taken care of for you.

But having a CPA is about more than just paying somebody to do your taxes for you. My goal is to be a trusted financial adviser, to act as your advocate, and to put your interests first.

I have helped clients navigate numerous personal difficulties, including the deaths of parents and spouses, divorce, bankruptcy, and more. I have helped clients who owe tens of thousands of dollars to the IRS with no means to pay them.  I will tell clients when I think that their investment advisers are not doing a good job for them or are charging too much. I advise clients on big life events, like buying or selling a home, starting a business, buying their first rental property, or getting ready to retire.

The bottom line is that having a relationship with a CPA is about more than just having somebody who does your taxes for you. Having a CPA should be about having a relationship with someone who can help you achieve your financial goals. My ultimate goal is for my clients to succeed, because if my clients succeed then I will succeed.